saturday, april 17th
smart systems: rainwater harvesting + greywater
leigh jerrard, greywater corps &
jenna didier, fountainhead design

despite heavy rains this year, souther california is entering a period of crisis: water for irrigation, washing, and bathing is going to grow more scarce each year - and more expensive. during the heavy rains this year, did you wonder how much water was running off your roof? do you have high water bills from irrigation in the summer or just want to see if its possible to reduce the amount of water your household uses? Did you know that it is now legal to reuse water that flows out of most of the drains of your house?

join the experts in a day of hands-on skill building focused on water conservation on residential and small commercial properties. jenna didier, of fountainhead design, will lead participants in actively assessing their water needs and resources on their property, arriving at the best water reuse strategy for them. participants will learn how to install a large enough cistern system on their property to catch and reuse rainwater. leigh jerrard of greywater corps will lead a hands-on workshop that will teach you how to tap into your laundry machine's drainage and legally reuse that water for use on your property.

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