Greywater Corps' founder is Leigh Jerrard, a licensed architect and and a level 3 graduate of Greywater Action's Greywater Installer's program. He has installed several hundred greywater systems in southern california ranging from simple gravity-flow systems to multi-thousand gallon per day systems with complex filtration and purification. He is a leading voice in greywater advocacy and has given numerous lectures and public workshops.

Big Joe Madden is our Project Coordinator; through years of training and hands-on experience he is one of the region's foremost experts in urban water harvesting strategies. He is a certified plant whisperer.

Office Manager Georgia Bell is responsible for the nitty-gritty of running the quickly growing company. She has previous experience as an administrator for an arts nonprofit.

Our British plumber, Mark Akers, is all to glad to helpfully explain the inner workings of soil stacks and barrel bungs, all in a rakish accent.

Mel Bowerman is an expert gardener who was raised in the bed of a pickup truck. She is certified in permaculture design and is currently working on a Masters in Landscape Architecture.
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